Solid Spectroscopy Hosting Architecture of Databases and Expertise


SSHADE is a project of a set of databases on solid spectroscopy with:

The SSHADE databases will cover:

It is based on the Solid Spectrocopy Data Model (SSDM) and the GhoSST database developments (Europlanet + VAMDC 2009-2012).

The SSHADE development and its associated SSDM extension are part of two Work Packages (VESPA JRA and VA) of an European e-infrastructure program, Europlanet 2020-RI, for Horizon 2020 program (started 1st september 2015 for 4 years).

The SSHADE database infrastructure is hosted at the OSUG Data Center (University of Grenoble Alpes)

SSHADE is planned to open to the public at end of January 2018 (delivery of the SSHADE infrastructure) while the partners will continue to feed their database with new data.