LPRS: Library of Planetary Remote Sensing

About LPRS

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How to cite LPRS
Zhang, Hao (2021). SSHADE/LPRS: Library of Planetary Remote Sensing. SSHADE (OSUG Data Center). Service/Database.
Who is behind LPRS?
Scientific managers
Database feeders
  • Jiang, Te (CUG-PSI / CUG)
  • Ministry of Education, China (MOE, PRC)
  • Planetary Remote Sensing (506)
  • National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) , Fill it later (award: 11942003)
Database content statistics
  • Samples: 3
  • Experiments: 1
  • Spectra: 1
  • Content keywords: database, VIS-NIR, Bi-directional reflectance
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