BYPASS: Bern icY Planetary Analogues Solid Spectroscopy

This database provides access to the data measured in the Laboratory for Outflow Studies of Sublimating Materials (LOSSy) of the University of Bern. In the laboratory, we are preparing and analyzing analogs of planetary or cometary surfaces composed of pure or mixed ices or dust-ice mixtures to study their optical properties and dynamic evolution under simulated conditions. The collected data can be used to predict photometric properties or to interpret observational data of icy-dust planetary or cometary surfaces. BYPASS will contain bidirectionnal reflectance data (450-1064 nm), hyperspectral data (400-2500 nm) and polarimetric bidirectionnal reflectance data (400-800 nm).

Database managers
  • Olivier Poch
  • University of Bern (Unibe)
  • Space Research and Planetary Science Division (WP)
  • Laboratory for Outflow Studies of Sublimating Materials, Planetary Imaging Group (LOSSy, PIG)