SCOOP: Spectroscopy of organic COmpounds fOr Planetology

SCOOP is a database on the spectroscopy of pure or mixed ices and of organics of planetary and astrophysical interests. The database contains transmission spectra from 2.5 to 12 µm measured at temperature ranging from 20 to 300 K under vacuum conditions. Many of these spectra results from chemical studies, induced by VUV photolysis and/or heating from 20 to 300 K, from an initial mixture of reactants. Some series of spectra show the spectroscopic and chemical changes occurring when the temperature increases. Most spectra were measured in the Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques (LISA) at the University of Paris-Est Créteil using a commercial Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (Brüker Vertex 70).

Scientific managers
  • Nicolas Fray
  • Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC)
  • Université Paris Diderot (UPD)
  • Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
  • Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques (LISA)