SOSYPOL: SOlar SYstem analogues database POLand

The database of the Solar System Dynamics and Planetology Group of the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences (SSDPG, SRC PAS) contains: (1) NIR reflectance spectra of basalts altered in cold (Udokan, Siberia) and hot (Ogaden, Ethiopia) arid environments collected to help interpreting the spectra of the surface of Mars. (2) NIR reflectance spectra of several mixtures of ice and organic matter at various temperature and pressure conditions to contribute interpreting the composition of the surface of Pluto and Charon. This dataset can be also used to determine the composition of aerosols in the atmosphere of Titan.

Database managers
  • Joanna Gurgurewicz
  • Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences (SRCPAS)
  • Solar System Dynamics and Planetology Group (SSDPG)