DOCCD: Jena (AIU) Database of Optical Constants for Cosmic Dust


Database of optical constants of solids with relevance to cosmic dust, created at AIU Jena 1992 - ..., based on spectroscopic measurements in the Astrophysical Laboratory of AIU Jena

How to cite DOCCD
Mutschke, Harald; Weiprecht, Jürgen (2017). SSHADE/DOCCD: Jena (AIU) Database of Optical Constants for Cosmic Dust. SSHADE (OSUG Data Center). Service/Database. doi:10.26302/SSHADE/DOCCD
Who is behind DOCCD?
  • Mutschke, Harald (AIU / FSUJ)
  • Weiprecht, Jürgen (AIU / FSUJ)
Scientific managers
Database managers
Database feeders
  • Bock, Susanne
Former managers and database feeders
  • Posch $\dagger$, Thomas (database feeder)
  • Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSUJ)
  • Astrophysical Institute and University Observatory Jena (AIU)
  • Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure, 2015-2019 (grant #654208) (EC-H2020: EPN2020-RI)
Database content statistics
  • Samples: 111
  • Experiments: 26
  • Spectra: 168
  • Content keywords: database, spectroscopy, infrared, optical constants, cosmic dust, minerals, astrophysics
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